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If you click on a user's name in the directory, you will be given a form to write him through our mail server. (Note that only regular users of the system can send e-mail through our mail server.) If you click on a user's photo, you will be taken to his personal web page, or to a large version of his photo if he has no personal web page.

When a user in the directory posts on the web board, his small photo will appear in the upper left corner of each post. If you click on small photos in web board posts, you will also be taken to that user's personal web page or large photo.

Getting Listed

The directory is not "registration". It is not necessary to be in it before you post on the web board. Actually, the directory is intended for those who have posted with us consistently for at least a month, and application for it should not be made until then.

To join the directory you must send us a photo. It must show your face well enough for you to be recognized, and it should show your hair.

We have a form for getting listed, and it is here.

Getting Kicked Out

Please do keep your e-mail address that we have in our records current. If it comes to our attention that the e-mail address we have on file for you is no longer functional, your listing will be removed. Also, if you do not use your avatar when posting for over a year, your listing may be removed. To include your avatar when posting, enter your e-mail address in the blank for it on the posting form.

Revising or Removing Your Listing

To revise or remove your listing, please do not use the form just mentioned. Instead, please write:

Note: To get by our spam filter, mail to the address above must contain the word "MLHH" in the subject of your e-mail.

If you ask to be removed from the directory, as a rule we remove your listing and the text associated with it. The photos that you have sent along with your directory application will remain on the site because they appear in your messages. We will remove those photos, however, if you specifically ask us to. We cannot remove other material you have sent to the site if it was appropriate when it was sent. Besides this being too labor intensive a task for volunteers, it is usually impossible to remove material because others have interacted with it, and its removal would affect all their material, too.

How Long Does It Take?

MLHH is run by volunteers. Listing in the directory is not a critical task, so expect your submission may take up to ten days for processing. You will be e-mailed when that has been done.

How Often May You Update Your Photo?

Photos are intended to identify you, not to provide an up-to-the-minute progress picture of your hair growth. Growth progress should be shown on your personal web page or on a page you have at a social networking or photo site, and we will link it. Our photo need only show about what you look like, and unless you've made a drastic change, every six months is often enough.

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