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Absalom in Richmond, California
Goal length: Knee length, which is about 4 inches away.
Ale in Italy
Andrea in Milan, Italy
I'm nice,crazy sarcastic guy growing out my straight hair at least chest lenght! I love Rock,Metal and Punk music but I'm also open to other musical genres. Ready to give support!
AndrewB in Ontario, Canada
Growing since Aug 2006 - don't know when I'll stop
Anthony in France
Anglican priest, translator. Married. Classical musician (organ) and composer. Other interests - sailing, gardening, woodwork. Last haircut in September 2013.
Arrick in Bridgeport Tx.
I've had long hair a very long time,don't remember the awkward stage.
Atp in East Brunswick, NJ
Comedic Poet
Started Growing in 1999 with trims along the way.
Goal Length: Lower Back
Bill in San Francisco
Retired now, and seeking colorful sunny places where the wind flows through my beard and mane.
Birdman in West Seneca, NY
I am married
I play recorder(flute) and write science fiction stories.
I plan to grow my hair out
Bob in Virginia
Retired USAF CMSgt.
Bob J in Detroit, MI
Growing my hair out since Dec, 2013.
Bruce W. in Rochester, NY
Self-employed web geek and part-time librarian. Hey, that's MISTER Excitement to you, 'kay?
BruceJ in Connecticut
Formerly Scooper. Last check I was around 59. I guess officially an old fart! It's been more than 8 years this time for long hair. First time, 3 years, then cut it in 2000. Regretted it ever since!
CA831 in Santa Cruz, California
Want to see where it stops. Started June 2004. Should've always been long.
CEEtheDinoman in Parry Sound, ON, Canada
I'm Christian Epp. I started early December 2006. Im hoping to grow to past my shoulders. I love God, paleontology, the Medieval Times and MLHH ;). Representing for all nerds! Auf Wiedersehen!
CEM in Australia
Half city/half country, enjoying all that life has to offer... goal length: (past the butt)...enjoying the journey...wouldn't be dead for quids! :O)
CarpeMortum90 in Pacific NorthWest
Geek, author, linguist, trilingual, over-educated, under-paid, Wiccan, vegan. Happily engaged to a very lucky man.
Cevyn in Maryland
Aiming for mid-back length, pic taken Jan 2nd, 2007 showing ~1 year growth. I'm also on Myspace -
Charlie in Chattanooga
Began the journey in Feb 2008... enjoying the lengthening of the mane. I appreciate all the helpful tips and constructive criticism this site offers. Also I am Wiccan so if that offends some, I apolog
Charlie M in Waitati, New Zealand
Started growing my hair (this time around) in April 2008. I live in New Zealand and I enjoy playing frisbee and hiking. I plan to grow my hair for as long as I can.
Clayton in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Corvettemike in Los Angeles CA
4 months in to goal of belt line length!
DLeeFree in Taylorville, Illinois
Dalena Banshee in Gloversville, NY
Damon UK in UK
My last haircut was around December 2009. Now past the "awkward stage" and I'm loving it. Long hair expresses the real me but I don't really want it much past shoulder length and I'm not into ponytail
Daniel in Bend, Oregon, USA
I clipped off 15", foolishly, in Dec 31, 2007, but have had no clips since. This photo is a few weeks ago, but it is well touching the shoulders now.
DanielR in Springfield, Missouri
I'm an over the road trucker that travels mainly between Missouri and the northeast. On my home time I enjoy spending time with my children and going camping.
Dave_Argentina in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Dave - Buenos Aires, Argentina - Law Student.
David 'Wandering Bear' in Bay Area of SF
DavidN in Halifax, Nova Scotia
My short term goal is mid back. My long term goal is as long as my terminal length will allow me, hopefully to belt length or longer.
Dawn Ashley Benetton in Port Charlotte, Florida
I am a natural sandy blond after bleaching my hair for many
years which I do not do now. I am also a Pre op Transsexual
so no one is deceived. I have lived as a female since age 19.
Former and Future Longhair.
Del in New Jersey
Teaches ballroom, latin & swing dance. Likes going to the gym, yoga, Broadway shows and owns 3 cats. Appears in local musicals.
Don in Northern Coastal California
Another database geek in agency permit processing. Into backpacking, travel, weight training, vegetable gardening, photography, and long hair for 5 years.
DonInIsrael in Ashqelon, Israel
I'm a retired American rabbi living in Ashqelon, Israel. I served 28 years in the US armed forces. I've been a longhair since about 2012. I enjoy sailing, singing, and playing ukulele.
Draco in Howell, MI
Duncan in Australia
Born 1970. Love listening to music, reading good books,doing folk stuff, and seeing classic films. Last Haircut was in January 2008. 2nd serious attempt to grow long hair.
ESDI-80 in Hampton Roads, VA
Wanted long hair since I was 14. Started growing in 2003 when I was 23. Proud to be a Long Haired Computer Nerd. :-)
El Nico in UK
Decided to become a long hair at the grand old age of 50 and then inexplicably decided to cut it all off just before Xmas 2017. So the journey begins again & this time no mistakes along the way. I enj
Started growing: c.1972
Birthdate: 1957
Fitzgarce in Syracuse, NY
I've always wanted to grow my hair long... Now, at 57 - it is on my "bucket list". Last hair cut was Dec. 2012. My hair is thinning on top and not very pretty to look at, but here I am.
Francois in Le Pradet, South of France
My formest nickname on MLHH was "Angel".
I'm growing my hair since 2006.
My goal is to achieve belt lenght or even longer with the healthier hair possible.
My interest are : Music (guitar, piano),
Garth in Maryland, U.S.A.
I like to run marathons, listen to heavy metal, and watch horror movies.
Georges Huard in Montreal
I work as a computer tech in Montreal, have Asperger's Syndrome, and geeky social skills, yet love to meet people.
Started growing: April 12, 2001 at 1"
Goal length: At least mid-back...possibly more
Birthdate: June 1960
Giacco in Texas
Cut off 12" and started re-growing: March 11th, 2005 at 4"
Goal length: Waist
Birthdate: June 1982
Glinka in Orange County , New York
" I might as well grow it whiles I stills got it "
Gordy in Cambridge,NY
Grew up on and built home on farm in upstate NY and go by longhairdfarmboy on many sites..get in touch..also on YM.
Hair Religion in Michigan-USA
Ordained minister of Hair Religion.
"The longer the better!"
Hairball in New Jersey, USA
Longhair and Lovin it!
Hegg The Norsk in Minnesota
Start date: August 2006

Going for Classic length and further.
Hugo in Brazil
Growing it out from a #1 buzzcut. Current goal of going an entire year without having it cut, 5 months left..
IanB in United Kingdom
Grew long hair back in the 60's. Now I'm well in my 60's decided to try and grow it back again. A great believer in freedom of choice and passionate supporter of long hair.
J.M.M in Nea Makri-Zoumperi, Attiki, Greece
J.S.Frodo in Southern Maryland
James in Maryland
I am a drummer since age 8. I have had a shoulder length shag since 12th Grade before that my parents forced me to have short hair. Since about 2005 I guess I've been growing it longer gradually.
JamesK in United Kingdom
Growing my hair out for the first time, aiming for at least mid-back, started Feb 2010, determined to go the whole way.
Jarvis in Maryland
I'm a Student and guitarist most a the tine. Been growing since Feb. 07 with no trims. No goal in mind. Often found with atleast 1 braid in my hair, and not opposed to crazy styles.
Jason in Massachusetts/USA
I've always wanted long hair but only started growing in my early 30s due to religious prohibitions. As of 2013, I'm now trying to see where terminal length is on me. I'm also a cycling enthusiast.
Joao David in Lisbon, Portugal
My hair goal is classic length. I am a fashion design student, and I love singing, drawing and dancing.
John C in Newcastle, WA

John Shepherd in Near Traverse City, Michigan
I have many interests in science and the arts, including photography, poetry, music. Electronics is one of my primary interests. I love designing and building large scale pieces of electronic equipmen
John in Denver in Denver, CO
I'm at 32 months of growth from a very short cut... Going for nipple length for now and I'll add a smile to my next pic update!
Jon in Indiana
I've been growing my hair out for 27 plans to stop anytime soon.
Jonalbear in Northern Lower Michigan
In to corresponding with longhairs from around the world. Enjoy music, reading, cooking and being outdoors.
Josh in Georgia
Just Carol in Delaware
Disabled single adult, shares apartment with my Calico kitty named Calleigh. I have Asperger's Syndrome (a form of Autism) and am mobility impaired. I think more men should have long hair.
Justin in Oregon
First MLHH President.
Kansasdude in Wichita, Ks
I'm just your average mid-western guy who happens to appreciate long hair on men. :-)
Karsten in Upstate New York
Kenneth in Manhattan, New York City
This is Kenneth, I'm regrowing my hair.
Kerry in Charlotte, NC
Kevin C in Fond du lac , Wisconsin
Started growin my hair in 1994
Kif in Brockville,Ontario
Hey,I'm Kif!I'm from Brockville,Ontario which is close to Ottawa.I've pretty much been growing my hair for 7 years now,with a short period of having short hair in between.Now back to being long haired
Lee in United Kingdom
Growing my hair out for the second time after I regretfully cut it in March 2011. My goal is waist length.
Leto in Munich - Germany
Working as Computer System Administrator.
Like nature, biking, computer games, movies, political discussions...
Long hair since about 10 years and happy with it
LinuxLonghair in New England
Longhair since 1975, Linux geek since 1993, happily married in 2003.
Lon in Tucson AZ
Longhair for 5 years, and still lovin' it!
Long Hair In Albany in Albany NY
"I started growing my hair in the 1960s after the Beatles inspired me.
Got to waist length, had to cut off about a foot of hair to deal with
damaged hair, my goal now is treminal length."
LongManeDude in Phoenix
Long-haired biologist since 1993. Mane has been at terminal length (35") for close to ten years. Now growing a terminal length goatee to match.
I've been growing my hair since August 08. I am a guitarist, and I love Rock/Metal. My goal is at least mid-back.
MarkS in New Orleans
I'm into metal/rock music, and traveling. Medieval history is my favorite part of history.
Matt B. in Georgia, USA
Age: 32
Goal length: ALAP (As long as possible!)
3rd attempt at long hair!
MattM in Seattle, WA
I started growing out my hair in 2007. I like weather, science, computers and I play sports for Special Olympics
MattT in Sydney Australia
3rd time lucky
Michael S in California
Hey. Ive been growing my hair for 4 years now and i love it. There are some great long hairs here. : )
Michael Strong Bear Taylor in Michigan, USA
The longer my hair gets, the longer I want it!
Mick in Belgium
Linguist, scientist, atheist, critical thinker, skeptic. Into pop music. Straight hair, gay relationship happily taken for almost a decade. Not a longhair by birth, grew into it as my hair grew.
Mike in Hatboro, PA
A male living north of Philadelphia, PA, in Hatboro, PA. I've been growing my hair for about 7 years, my beard for about 4 years. Trying for waist length, but will be happy at mid back.
Mr.Crow (Shawn) in London, Ontario, Canada
I am on my way to (at least) shoulder-length hair manlocks. Yay, curls! (Hello to BIGNESS and FRIZZ!)
Never2Long in North Carolina
I've enjoyed long hair ever since it was possible, from beyond waist length to my shorter sort of bob cut now. I'll never go back to short!

Nuttidave in UK
Long hair rocks!
OKCdude in Oklahoma City, OK
Have been growing my hair out for over 2 1/2 years. Goal: Lower mid-back. I love Jesus, being involved in vocal music, writing, photography, and professional dog breeding.
Onslow in British Columbia, Canada
Long Hair enjoying the BC West Coast of Canada. Been watching the board for several months and thought I would get past the lurking stage.
Oren in Arlington, Texas
Started growing: June 2004 at 0.5 inches.
Goal: As long as it will grow.
Birthdate: February 1964.
Ozzy in Chadwell Heath, Essex, England
Started growing in june 04 from a no2 All over,(Only 2 trims since)
Im a Born Again christian, Who loves music All types!(FromOzzy & Sabbath to
Michael W Smith!)
I managed to reach my target leng
Paddy in Omaha, NE
Stopped cutting in 2000.
Have a beautiful day. :)
Panurge in Atlanta, GA
Still pining for the Spandex era. If this is you, too, drop me a line--especially if you play drums!

Pat S. in Near Atlanta GA
The more complex the mind, the greater the need for the simplicity of play.
Patrick in Chicago
Well on my way to growing my hair to mid back.
Patrick Brands in Texas
I am a 34 year old IT tech in Texas, and enjoy car modding, PC gaming/console gaming, music, any and all electronics, tattoos, and traveling.
Peg in Michigan
"Started growing in 2003 upon graduation. My hair has coincided with many life lessons, and also my interest in lutherie. I play in the black metal band, Vintenar, and enjoy nearly all genres of music
Peter Zanette in Ottawa, Canada
My heart is into the arts.
Phil in Morris County, NJ
I'm Phil from NJ. have had long hair of varying lengths for the past 4 years; currently aiming for lower back-length. I'm into all things medieval, heavy metal (particularly Black & Power), playing gu
PhilipZ in Europe
I love music, comedy, being creative and long hair! I've been growing out my hair since 2011 with no certain goals apart from: long :) Currently I'm at it for more than 5 years and it's great.
I used to be known as either PHX606 or PhoeniXCE. I am back on a new journey.
Raul in Fredrikstad, Norway
Almost 30 year old tattooed prechool teacher. A Geek at heart, and an aspiring long hair :)
Raymond in Quemado, New Mexico
Let the Journey Begin
I got my last haircut on Mar. 9, 2011. Now I'm going to just let my hair grow. I would like you to walk this long hair journey with to to terminal length.
Rich in NJ, USA
I've wanted long hair for as long as I can remember, and finally decided to do it. Plan on growing to terminal, and tracking the progress along the way.
RickG in San Jose, CA
My last haircut was March of '04. No particular goal-length in mind. Just letting it grow!
Rktect in Phoenix, AZ
Longhair since 1964. Architect since 1973. Half a bubble off plumb since birth, it's a family trait and we are quite proud of it.

Rob in Chicago
I never thought I'd get around to getting a photo and registering. Anyway, may anti-MPB be with you all.
Rome in Buffalo
20 years old
Goal Length: Few inches past the shoulders
AIM: LooKcloser1827
Ron AKA "Old Hippie 1954" in Central Wisconsin
Growing my hair back from a shaved head.
Also letting my goatee grow as long as possible.
Rowie in Hanover, NH
Growing out my hair for the first time in my life.
Ryan B
Seems like every other longhair enjoys metal music, but all the same I am proud to be a major metalhead.
Seishinkai in Sacramento, CA
"Hi, I'm Seishinkai and I'm a recovering short hair." I like guitar (and play mostly classical/acoustic stuff but love it all), Japanese language and culture, philosophy, and proving I can be a profes
Septet in Seymour, MO
I was in the Navy until July 2012. Now I play video games for the Internet. It doesn't pay as much, but it's infinitely better quality of living.
I want to be able to stand on my hair.
Shawn in New Jersey
I have been growing my hair around 8 years. unfortunately, it has been cut short a few years ago. I would have been at classic length by now.
Shypii90 in Malta, Europe
So I'm a very social guy who loves meeting people from all around the world but ironically I'm not very patriotic towards my own country lol, I'd love to move out some day. I love nature, art, photogr
Stas in Tel-Aviv, Israel
I'm Stas, a student from Tel-Aviv, Israel.
Swiss Longhair
I am a longhair from Switzerland.
I like to travel all around the world and if I have a chance to meet some other longhairs: This is cool :)
Ted in San Antonio, Texas
My interests include stamp collecting and computers. My goal length is at least mid-back. Look forward to having long hair again after cutting in 2011.
The Spaf Man in Pennsylvania, USA
Hi, I'm Dave. I have wanted to grow my hair out for a long time, this time I am not going to give in to the recommendations to cut...
It is however, going SLOWER than all of you.
Tommie in rocky mount, va
I'm a retired pipefitter from Los Angeles. I moved here to rural Virginia to get away from the congestion of the big city. I'm into woodturning, metal casting chainsaw carving and letting my hair grow
TommyD in Indianapolis, IN
27 and trying to achieve a bucket list item of having long hair. Got a wonderful wife of 10 years, along with 10y, & 6m old daughters. Also enjoy: church, professional techie, motorcycles, guitar.
Tony S in Louisville
I've had longish hair before but always cut it. This time is different. My goal is just past shoulder length, maybe a bit longer once I get there!
Tristan in Colorado
A student of the physical and spiritual heart
Trolleypup in San Francisco, CA, USA
Cranky city bus driver during the day, luckily, I work to live, not the other way around. My hair has been long for a very long time, currently thigh length.
Tuckergeek in Palestine, TX.
Urban Cowboy in San Francisco, CA
Cut my hair short the first day of summer, Y2K. Regretting it deeply, I'm now committed to long hair for life.
Goal: butt-length!
Validus in Wisconsin
Venya in Philadelphia, PA
At heart, I am a philosopher and spiritual seeker. My identity as a longhair symbolizes my innate drive for knowledge, honor, freedom, and meaning.
Victor in Austin, Texas
History pictures at
Last haircut was in 1992. Last beard cut was in 1996.
Viking in Oxfordshire, UK
Second-chance longhair here. Grew it out in my early 20s, but cut it after a couple of years. No specific goal in mind; I just want to see how long it will grow!
Vincent in The Netherlands, Alkmaar
My name is Vincent, I'm 22 years old an live in the Netherlands. My hobbies are gaming, building pc's and fixing them, ice skating, scouting, listining to metal and going to gigs and a lot more.
If y
Vivien in France, near Lyon
Student who grows his hair... I like music, informatic, sciences.
Walt in Indiana
I've not trimmed my beard or hair since June 2012. More than 22 months. No stopping now!
Walter in Brazil
I was born in 1964 in So Paulo, Brazil. I did many things in my life suchs working as a flight attendant, a model, studying architecture, drama, singing. Well nowadays I make a living as an English t
White Mane in W. Georgia, USA
White Tail in Southwest U.S. Desert
William in Chicago
50-something eclectic man: Information Technology professional by day, ballroom dancer by night.
Yadgar in Cologne, Germany
Sup :)
Zach in Virginia
Can't wait to get to the ponytail!

Ziggystardust in California
Hello my name is Carl; I go by Ziggystardust, because I love David Bowie and classic rock. I decided to let my hair grow around Oct. of 2010. My last haircut was a month or so prior to October. I work

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