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Posted by DavidN (other posts) on October 08, 2022 at 07:03:31 Previous Next

In Reply to: Re: A Tribute To Ken In SF posted by Absalom on October 08, 2022 at 04:52:54:

: : Hi Mark,

: : Thank you so much for sharing this photo of your meetup, and of course I recognize everyone. That also reminds me of Scott, and I havenít seen him post in ages to the MLHH, and I hope that he is OK. I wonder whether youíve heard from him at all lately?

: : I did find Walterís obituary and tribute page online, and I think that this is the same one that Justin sent me two years ago after Walter passed. It was only through Justinís detective work that I heard about this at all.

: :

: : As for Justin, itís a huge question mark. We exchanged emails once a week or so right up until a July-August or so. Justin and I shared a love of old fashioned clocks, and Justin also had a love of music, particularly composing pieces for the organ. He owned a couple of organs as well, and spent tine restoring them.

: : However, Justinís health was really going downhill, including long term diabetes which was taking its toll. In his last email communication, he mentioned being seriously Iíll, and more or less, ďwaiting for the endĒ. I have been unable to reach him since, and I donít have a phone number for him either. He never owned a cell ohone, by the way, and hated them with a passion. I have no idea whether heís actually passed, or simply in a condition whereís he able to communicate with anyone. My search to see whether there is an actual obituary for him has been fruitless. I should also mention that he frequently uses the name ďCraigĒ rather than ďJustinĒ, particularly in the music field. I have searched both using Craig and Justin to no avail. I did find reference to a Craig Penfield in Forest Grove (not an obituary), but donít know whether itís the same person.

: : Thanks for asking about me as well, and fortunately, my health has remained decent and I am thoroughly enjoying my retirement. I have no desire to travel right now, though, particularly out of my country.

: : I hope that you are doing well also, Mark, and Iím sure that youíre looking forward to retirement. All the best!

: : David

: I am still alive but getting old. Almost 70 years old now.
: Scott AKA Abaslom

Hi Scott,

Thanks for checking in, and glad to hear that youíre OK. Mark also mentioned it in his post as well. I donít do Facebook, so wouldnít have seen your posts over there.

Iíve got a few more years on the clock as well, and I turned 69 in August. Thankfully, the hair is still intact, lol.


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