Re: The experiment of letting hair down for two months.

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Posted by lifobryan (other posts) on March 16, 2019 at 05:22:33 Previous Next

In Reply to: The experiment of letting hair down for two months. posted by WG on March 14, 2019 at 19:08:05:

Long time lurker, occasional poster here ....

I'm intrigued by this topic - as well as by a similar preceding one "cant think clearly with head down"

My hair is just below shoulder length, and I usually keep it tied in a bun while at work. (My work does not require that, it's just easier that way). That said, as soon as I finish, I pull out the tie and drop my hair down. With my hair down, I'm more relaxed, more creative, more social. I prefer hair down and only tie it when I have to.

However, I see what you mean about focus. Part of it for me may be the need to concentrate while working, and that may have nothing to do with hair up or down. (I'm a teacher so hair down is a bit distracting for both me and the students).

But once the school day finishes, hair comes down, and I can focus quite differently - in a much more diffuse way. For example, I multitask better with hair down. Something about free-flowing hair seems to invite more sensitivity and awareness of subtleties of environment, rather than hyper-focused concentration. (For me).

Interesting subject - thanks for starting the discussion!

: I've had pretty long hair now for about five years. But for the most part, I tied it back in a ponytail. I decided for 2 months straight I'm not allowed to use any hair ties. first thing I noticed is that it began to change my physiology, and my life in subtle ways.

: For starters, I begin to have these kind of symptoms.

: * Random anger
: * forgetfullness
: * lack of motivation
: * mental fog... etc..

: I just pushed through and continue. It's been about two months, today I tied my hair back for the first time. All of those symptoms immediately went away. Only slightly lingering. I've always known that there is some kind of spiritual connection to hair and our aura, and how we function in society.

: This is had me questioning the role of having hair down for men in the first place. I've been thinking, are we even supposed to have hair down, or is it supposed to be tied back for mental clarity. If anyone concurs with this experience let me know.

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