Re: Can someone with curly hair post on this website?

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Posted by Ted (other posts) on September 13, 2017 at 19:35:49 Previous Next

In Reply to: Can someone with curly hair post on this website? [PIC] posted by Grant Sander on September 13, 2017 at 03:10:04:

: I've been a fan of this board (and men's long hair in general) for quite some time. There has always been something majestic and powerful about a man with lovely flowing locks. I've always fantasized about having a long, dark and thick braid of hair that would flow down my back like a true warrior of olden time. I feel inspired by all the brave long haired men who frequent this website and wish to join your ranks. The only problem is that my hair is curly. I have what many call a "Jew-fro" and because of this my hair doesn't get "long". It just gets bigger. All my guy friends make fun of me for it calling me mean names like "curly boy", "Shirley Temple", and the worst of all "Pube Head". My question is can I still post my hair updates here even though I don't exactly fit the ideal Men's Long Hair Hyper Board image?

Hi Grant Sander,
First of all, I think your hair is badass! You kind of remind me of Flea, the top notch bass player of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Second of all, I would recommend getting some friends that are girls. You can't call people friends if they talk down to you.

I think what you mean to say is that there is something majestic about a man with lovely STRAIGHT flowing locks. If everybody had straight hair we would look like clones or something. People pay good money to get there hair like yours. And it takes much more patience and good genes to grow a head of LONG CURLY hair! So I would say that you have great hair genes and also you are a handsome guy. I say go for it! This is, of course, if you truly want long hair. And, of course, you are allowed to post here! Can I please ask you what the ideal MLHH image looks like? Jesus, Mohammed? But in all seriousness, You have come to the right place for help with long hair! Please be well and don't be a stranger!


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