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Posted by Glinka (other posts) on March 02, 2019 at 17:04:14 Previous Next

In Reply to: Microneedling for Hair Growth posted by BlueBeard on February 28, 2019 at 13:20:00:

: : : : Hi Marty
: : : : I am currently, like you, at phase 3 of my hair loss. That link you sent is full of great advise ! Thank you for your reply and help. It is good to see that the caring and support is still alive and well here at
: : : : Steve

: : : I hope it works for me and you! I have plenty of the pictures before taking some of this free advice for my scalp on February 14th and it seems like the baby hairs I'm seeing in the receding hairline portion are holding on. Right now I'm doing that ACV shampoo with baking soda twice a week and then rinses in between with nettle tea mixed with bentonite clay on some days in between. Once or twice a week I've also started rinsing with a green tea and a little coconut oil. I actually started making a list of topical things I can put on my head that block DHT and this is what I have so far:

: : : Rosemary oil
: : : Stinging nettle
: : : Coconut oil
: : : Tea tree oil
: : : Pumpkin seed oil
: : : Avacado oil
: : : Olive oil
: : : Emu oil
: : : Saw Palmetto
: : : Aloe vera
: : : Green tea

: : : I'm not sure about some of these but I mix 2 or 3 into a rinse or make an overnight leave in oil out of Pumpkin seed oil and peppermint oil (9 drops PEO to 15 ml Pumpkin seed oil is 3%). My hair is looking thicker to me but nobody else has said anything yet.

: : : Marty

: : Something else they mention is important on that site but don't describe how to do it is scalp massages. When I first started doing it I figured you just rub your hair in circular motions, but I would get hairs in my hands when done. I figured this method wasn't going to help the baby hairs survive if they get ripped out of my scalp! So I started looking at videos of how to do this and couldn't find 1 way to do this and I think that people without hair problems are able to do a massage without getting much hairs in their hands but follicly challenged people need a gentle way to do this. I did find a method that's gentle and I attached the link.

: : Marty

: This is something else I've been doing for a couple weeks now that was talked about on that hair loss revolution site-microneedling for hair growth. I bought a 0.5 mm dermaroller off Amazon for $11. I don't know if this is why after only 9 days I started seeing baby hairs, but I used it as part of a program of scalp cleaning, chemical free hair care products, and hair rinses with DHT blockers. I do it myself with 2 mirrors after sterilizing the dermaroller with rubbing alcohol and then rub in aloe vera after I'm done (the area with thin hair gets all red for a day and looks like brush burn but they say this healing process regrows hair). I do it twice a week only on thin hair areas. Microneedling is not comfortable and I do it slowly and with short strokes since it's now on short thin hair.

: They say these won't damage hair but I question that and once I get more than 2 inches of all around growth won't continue. It's a scalp treatment and not a hair treatment.

: Here is a link that describes how this is done after you have done a scalp peel.

: Marty

Wow Thank you soooo much for all the info Marty
Will definitely try to use what you’ve helped me with 😃👍

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