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Posted by Justin (other posts) on February 06, 2014 at 23:57:04 Previous Next


We got Snow here today. "Fresh white clean-looking snow" of about 4-6" where I live. In light of the thread way below of people claiming that their snow will not burn, I decided to do my own little test, but I was hardly going to try and burn it. No way. And so, here is the end result of my little test. This is how I went about it:

A. Four sparkling clean White Custard Cups were used.

B. Each was used to scoop into various random areas of new fallen snow at about level to the top of the cup. (My hands were washed and dried so as to be as clean as possible.)

C. I allowed all to melt "naturally" inside the house on the Kitchen Table with no other heat than was the temperature inside the house.

D. It took about 40 minutes for the four cups to melt and I noted and photographed ea. cup for the speckles of black that had melted out of the snow in each cup. (Color photos were not working and the flash turned everything red, and so I used the black and white setting of the Camera. The gritty looking specks were indeed black and of various sizes and shapes.

*E. The photo above is the combination of all 4 Custard Cups poured into one single Custard Cup. After I took this photo, I poured all 4 into a standard measuring cup and it was just at 1/2 cup level. So what you are looking at is a mere 1/2 cup worth of fresh melted new-fallen snow in total.

So much for my little experiment CEM. As to just what these black specks are or where they came from (the source) I have no idea nor would I even venture a guess. All I know is the end result of my experiment and what melted out of it without using any lighter, match, torch or whatever.

I do have a concern regardless of what was found. This stuff will make its way into our water. We drink it, wash our hair in it, inhale the very air that contains this material. And this only represents a mere 1/2 measuring cup of melted snow! Unreal........but there it shown above in a most limited experiment.

Take care CEM and I hope you are well and having a nice week. All the best-

ps: If I can find someone to analize this stuff, I will for sure let you know the results of the findings.

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